Shipboard Foam Mattress Pads & Pillows


CR Safguard®  XL


This fire-resistant mattress  pad is designed for improved comfort and added longevity to an existing mattress.


This padding, typically 1.5-2" in thickness, is comprised entirely of CR Safguard XL fire-resistant polychloroprene compound cushioning, compliant with performance specification MIL-PRF-20092L and MIL-PRF-20092M. When exposed to common ignition sources, CR Safguard XL  forms a stable char in the area exposed to the flame. This extensive engineering effectively eliminates the mattress as a fuel source. Additionally, CR Safguard XL is exceptionally durable which provides an extended service life of the mattress while maintaining its original thickness.


The mattress core covering options include  fluid-resistant blue nylon covering or breathable cotton-ticking. Cotton ticking is compliant per Federal Specification CCC-C-436E, Type II and fire-retardant per NFPA 701, also complies with the fire safety criteria for mattress ticking stated in MIL-M-18351.


Sizes may be customized to meet the size of current mattress.

Flame-Resistant Pillows


Flame resistant shipboard pillows for use aboard U.S. Navy vessels.

Type II – Foam Filled

Type III – Fiber filled


Class 1 – Soft

Class 2 – Medium

Class 3 – Medium-firm

Class 4 - Firm

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