Correction Mattress and Mattress Pads


Lower the Cost per Inmate

The excellent durability of CR Safguard ensures a service life that has proven to be 2 to 3 times that of fiber type mattresses. This longevity breaks the vicious and costly cycle of frequent mattress replacements which translates into reduced budget dollars being spent annually on mattresses. Unlike fiber-type mattresses, CR Safguard maintains its original thickness throughout their service life.


Deter Contraband Concealment

Unlike fiber, the high-density foam creates difficulty to conceal items within the mattress cushioning.  While fiber can be easily torn and separated leaving hidden objects undetected, the same process is problematic with the strength of CR Safguard.


The various options for our fire-resistant foam mattresses allow for additional security for contraband. The Built-in-Pillow (BIP) model increases security by eliminating the separate pillow and its potential for concealment.


Additionally, the reinforced transparent vinyl covering option simplifies detection of any form of contraband. Its clarity greatly improves efficiency during regular cell searches while providing added security.


Prevent Contamination

All detention mattresses are manufactured with internal seams to prevent contamination including the infestation of parasites such as bed bugs. All covering options are antimicrobial and anti-fungal which will deter the growth of bacteria or fungus.






Superior Fire Resistance

When exposed to ignition sources, our CR Safguard fire-resistant mattresses form a stable char in the area exposed to flame. This extensive engineering effectively eliminates the mattress as a fuel source within the cell, ensuring the safety of correctional officers, inmates, as well as the facility. Whether tested in small-scale or full-scale burn scenarios, the typical synthetic fiber mattresses present unacceptable fire performance risks in comparison to CR Safguard.

FR Polyester Fiber at 3 minutes after Flame Exposure

CR Safguard® at 3 minutes
after Flame Exposure

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